Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 8:15am

Our benefit event at Pinto Palette is TONIGHT!!  It is not too late to sign up!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give back to MCDC and have a great time hanging out with me! Ha!

Today is the last day to sign up for the Wildtree workshop on October 25th.  I will be trying out the Comfort Foods bundle this time.  Again, another opportunity to give back to MCDC and prepare delicious, healthy meals for your family!


Author: Kelli L Wright
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 3:00pm

Pinot’s Palette

Join us on Tuesday night October 17th from 7pm-9pm at Pinot’s Palette in Providence.  You may bring your own food or snacks to keep you energized while you are being creative!

Proceeds from each participant will go directly to MCDC! The cost is $35.00 and you can sign up at:


Usborne Books and More Book Fair

Wednesday October 18th and Thursday October 19th, we will have Kate Pokemire here with her books from Usborne Books and More set up in our library.  You may stop by anytime during the day to purchase books.  The teachers will have wish lists for books they would like for their classrooms.  You may also send in money with your child for the book fair, and we will take them shopping!  You will also have the option of ordering online!  MCDC will receive 50%of the proceeds to purchase even more books!!  Christmas is just around the corner and books make the best gifts!!


Fall Festival

Our Annual Fall festival is Friday october 20th from 5:30pm-7:00pm in the Activities building 4316 on Digney road.  Friends and family are welcome!  We will be serving hot dogs, chips, popcorn, and snow cones.  We will have two bounce houses; one for children 2 and under and one for children ages 3 and up.  Costumes are welcome!  We will also have lots of other fun activities!  One activity that we will need your help with is our cake walk.  We will be taking donations of cakes, cookies, etc…. the more the better!  You may drop them off in the front offices prior to the fall festival.


Wildtree Workshop

Our next Wildtree Workshop will be on Wednesday October 25th from 3:45pm-5:45pm in the cafeteria.  You may stop by anytime to prepare your meals.  The process of putting your meals together should take no longer than one hour.  A separate email will be sent out with the options of meal bundles to purchase.  This has been a game changer at my house!!  I dreaded the prep work (which really didn’t take that long)but having meals ready to just pop in the crockpot was so convenient!  I will definitely be doing another bundle this month.  Remember, proceeds from these workshops go to purchasing Wildtree products for our kitchen.


Belk Charity Tickets

We have Belk Charity Tickets for sale!  $5.00 per ticket and 100% of the proceeds go to MCDC!  The Charity Sale will take place on Saturday November 4th from 6-10am.  You may take some tickets with you to sell at church, boy scouts, in your neighborhood, etc….  Just ask one of the ladies up front!  If writing a check, those can be made payable to MCDC.


The Great Diaper Drive

As parents, we know how important clean diapers are to the health and happiness of our babies.  If you would like to participate, please donate new packs of diapers and wiptes in the box located in the front lobby of MCDC by Tuesday October 17th.  Diapers of all sizes are needed!!  If you have any questions, please contact Afreekia Stillwater at  The Northern Alabama Food Bank will distribute the collected diapers and provide year-around assistance.



Author: Kelli L Wright
Monday, September 18, 2017 - 10:45am

MCDC Parents:

We had an unannounced Full Evacuation Drill this morning.  This included Fire, Safety, and Hemsi.  Everyone got out well and everyone is accounted for.

In a Full Evacuation Drill, we evacuate the building and meet on top of the grassy hill.  We account for everyone and wait for instruction.  We were then instructed to walk over to the Activities Building.  This is our secondary evacuation meeting and holding place.

In the event of true emergency where we had to evacuate, you would be notified by phone call and instructed when you could pick up your child from the activities building.  This is one of the reasons it is very important to make sure we have your latest contact information and that your child is signed in and out each day with a legible signature.

We did have one of the wheels on an evacuation bed come loose.  If we had a dad who has a quick moment this morning to repair this wheel, we would be very grateful!  Thank you!

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Author: Kelli L Wright
Friday, September 15, 2017 - 11:30am

MCDC Families,

We are excited to offer another Wildtree Workshop this month!  Click on the link below to register.  From the event in  August, we were able to purchase several items to use to prepare the meals here at MCDC.  One of those items was Taco Seasoning. We are so pleased to be able to make the meals served here even healthier for your children!  Proceeds from each month’s event will be used to purchase more products for our kitchen.

I participated in last month’s event and it has been so nice to have 10 meals in my freezer ready to go in the crock pot.  I have served 5 of those meals so far and they have been delicious!!  My husband, who normally does the cooking, has loved the break from preparing meals!

Even if you cannot attend the workshop (which takes about 30 to 40 minutes), you can order the kit and prepare the meals at home.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

MSFC September Wildtree Event

When: Thursday, September 28, 2017 Between 345-545 during pick up
Where: MCDC
ORDER DEADLINE: September 19, 2017
*Register below and then watch for email with invoice to pay by credit card.

Join me for a FUN, productive afternoon where we solve the question, "What's for dinner?!" Fall is here. Busy nights of after school activities, football weekends, and festivals! Have your dinners ready so you can enjoy it all!

At this fun dinner prep workshop, we will be preparing 10-20 meals to pop in your freezer for busy nights. Wildtree products will be used to complete these meals and everything is 100% natural, so you don't have to worry about what you are feeding your family. The workshop cost is $78 (plus tax/shipping) which includes 7-8 full sized Wildtree products, extra pre-measured ingredients, all paperwork including recipes, bag labels, etc. AND peace of mind knowing dinner is done! You will also go home with plenty of leftover product to make more meals!

Once registered and order is placed, you will receive a grocery/prep list from the Wildtree Representative. The cost for this is not an additional expense to your budget, because you would be buying groceries to cook dinner at home anyway. You can actually save money because you have a shopping list, can bargain hunt, and there is no waste meaning you will use everything you buy! You are welcome to make meat substitutions and/or split your meals if you wish. It's great for a big family and the single person. We will prepare 10 meals but if you split them, you will end up with more.

This is honestly the closest thing you and your friends will get to a personal chef. The Wildtree Rep gives you the menu, grocery list, recipes, and you get your dinner DONE for several weeks! Super SIMPLE!

RSVP by September 19, by 5PM by REGISTERING BELOW. Invoice for amount owed will be sent via email.
Contact the Wildtree Rep, Janet, at (256) 651-6237 or with questions. To learn more about Wildtree, go to

Author: Kelli L Wright
Monday, September 11, 2017 - 3:45pm


Please monitor our Facebook page or call our main lines 256-544-8609, 256-544-8607 or 256-544-8626 for updates on any further closings.

This was sent out by MSFC:

Marshall Space Flight Center will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 12, due to the possibility of severe weather.

For safety reasons, no one other than emergency crews and 24x7 personnel are allowed on site.

All employees should be in close contact with supervisors to ensure they have the latest information and instructions. Contract personnel should check with their respective program managers for guidance.

Marshall officials will continue to monitor local and regional weather conditions. Employees are reminded to actively monitor email, local news, the Marshall Facebook and Twitter accounts or call 256-544-HELP for status updates.



Author: Kelli L Wright
Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 2:15pm

MCDC Parents:

The water to our building will be turned off today at 3:00pm.  There is another water leak and the water will be turned off for repairs.  We have no timeline on these repairs this time, so we will be closing the center at 4:30pm.  Conditions here will quickly deteriorate after the water is shut off.  We do not want the children or staff to remain in unsanitary conditions.

At this time, we do not know the timeline for repairs.  If it looks like the water outage will not be corrected by the time the center opens in the morning, we will send an email out and post to our Facebook page.

Please let me know if you have any questions!   So sorry for the inconvenience!


Author: Kelli L Wright
Monday, August 21, 2017 - 9:30am

We are excited to announce MCDC is challenging you in wellness. If you're like most of us, busy days and countless kids activities at night leave us asking "What's for Dinner?". It leads to fast food or Hamburger Helper boxes. We have a solution! We have discovered Wildtree! It is the perfect way to have meals ready to make fast, while insuring you are providing nutrition to your family without preservatives, MSG, GMO's or artificial food dyes. Wildtree was founded on the premise that food should be safe, natural, and easy to prepare - all at the same time.

Join us August 31 to make 10 (20 if you choose to split the meals in half) freezer meals to take home after work. The link below is the registration link and includes the cost breakdown and options. Should a member of your family have food allergies, they can cater to that as well. Just email the Wildtree representative at

Please register and pay your invoice by August 23 to ensure your bundle of products. You will receive an email from Wildtree with the invoice shortly after registering. Click the link below to register!

After payment, You will then receive another email from Wildtree with instructions for what to bring on Aug 31. If you prefer to purchase the bundle and make your meals at home, that is fine too. (there is also an option to have it delivered to your address instead of picking up the box here) 

Please join us in this wellness endeavor for MCDC!!! 


Author: Kelli L Wright
Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - 4:45pm

Our benefit event is set up for Pinots Palette on Tuesday October 17th!  Reserve your seat now so you don’t miss out!  Please share with friends and family!

Author: Kelli L Wright
Monday, August 14, 2017 - 2:45pm

We have a couple of new events to add to your calendar!

August 31st- We will be having a Wildtree Night!  If you haven’t heard of Wildtree, you are in for a treat! 

Wildtree was founded on the premise that food should be safe, natural, and easy to prepare - all at the same time.

Instead of using MSG, GMOs, or artificial food dyes, Wildtree products are made from the finest natural and organic ingredients available. Instead of “good for you” foods with all the flavor of sawdust, Wildtree products are taste-tested winners. Instead of lengthy, complicated, time-consuming recipes, Wildtree products enable you to create spectacular, great-tasting dishes with just three or four ingredients.

We maintain a peanut-free facility and thoroughly test our products for safety, nutrition, taste, and ease. We look for a “thumbs-up” from our Product Testing Committee, and are committed to product excellence. If it’s not right, we do it again.

Today, our vision of helping people live healthier lives continues to strengthen! We are excited to offer you and your family our ever-growing line of the finest organic, GMO free, and all-natural products in the marketplace.

You will have the opportunity to make 10-20 meals (depending on your family size) on the 31st.  You will be able to prepare these here at the center anytime between 3:45pm-6:45pm.  You may do it before you pick up your children, or after.  More details about the meals and how to sign up will be coming this week!

September 27th-29th: Usborne Book Fair: We are excited to have Usborne returning for three days next month!  You will not only have the opportunity to purchase wonderful, high quality books for the children in your lives, it will also benefit MCDC with free books for our library and classrooms!


*Note: Although I am an Educational Consultant with Usborne Books and More, the book fairs held at MCDC are always conducted by another consultant.  I have not in the past, nor will in the future benefit financially from the book fairs held at MCDC.

October 17th: Pinot’s Palette Benefit for MCDC: Join us for a fun night of painting that will benefit MCDC!

Author: Kelli L Wright
Friday, August 4, 2017 - 9:30am

MCDC Parents:

We are so excited to introduce a new program available at our center!  Soccer Shots is the national leading program that introduces children to soccer with a focus on character development.  We will be having a Free Trail on  August 8th for all children ages 2 and up.  The Fall Season will begin on August 18th and will be held on Friday mornings. You can register at any time at

Don’t forget about our other extracurricular activities as well:

Stretch-N-Grow: Ages 2 and up; Wednesday mornings; Children’s Fitness Program; Registration packet available under parent board

Little Geniuses Chess Class: Little Geniuses is a chess-song singing, laughing, chess-tourney, dancing, chess clock-slapping, funny chess video, puppet show introduction to chess for children ages 3 and up.  Classes begin Thursday August 17th.  Sign up now at

Piano by Faith: Private piano lessons conducted by our music teacher Faith!  Any ages; registration forms available under parent board.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these programs!

Also, don’t forget our food drive!  Bring dry or canned goods and place them in the yellow bins in the front lobby.

Have a great weekend!!


Author: Kelli L Wright