Enrollment Process

I am Eleasa Wilson, the MCDC Registrar. Below is some information designed to provide you with information about enrolling in MCDC. If after reading a little about our center, you wish to enroll, please save the MCDC Membership Application Form located at the bottom of the page to your computer so you can fill it out and mail electronically to Eleasa.Kim.Wilson@nasa.gov.

About MCDC:

MCDC is a parent-run, non-profit organization. Day-to-day operations are handled by the Director, Kelli Wright, Asst. Director, Cecilia Finn, and Admin. Assistant, Melissa Boylen. Other matters are handled by a board of directors that is staffed by MCDC parents. I am one of those parents and hold the position of Registrar.

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General Info:

MCDC is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission https://www.earlylearningleaders.org/ and uses the Creative Curriculum published by Teaching Strategies.  https://teachingstrategies.com/ 

Our normal operating hours are 6:45am-5:45pm Monday through Friday.

MCDC is on the USDA food program to ensure balanced meals for the children.
Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided. Enfamil Lipil w/ iron and baby rice cereal are also provided for infants. Parents must supply their own bottles, however.

MCDC offers a diaper program for $30 per month.  We will provide diapers and wipes from the company Cuties which also produces Pampers diapers.

MCDC also offers some extra-curricular activities that parents can sign up for at an additional cost.  Those include private piano lessons, Soccer Shots, Chess, Brain Builders, and The Big Green Bus.


Fees are due every September.
Membership $75 per enrolled family; $25 per family to be placed on waiting list.
Registration $35 per child
Additional Fees $350 deposit required within the first month of enrollment; credited towards last 2 weeks of enrollment when 2 weeks notice is given.

Drop In Fees $45 per day; $25 per half day: Drop in care is available for members when an enrolled child is absent for the day or there is an open slot in a classroom

Part- Time Rate $25 off of regular tuition; can only be used if classroom is not full and there is not a waiting list for that classroom

I hope this gives you some preliminary info on the daycare. If you would like to be on the waiting list, follow the instructions under the heading ENROLLMENT PROCEDURE.

Enrollment Procedure:

To be placed on the MCDC Waiting list:

  1. Email a completed Membership Application to Eleasa.Kim.Wilson@nasa.gov
  2. Bring in the $25 membership fee.
    You can also mail it to the following address:

    P. O. Box 9138
    Bldg. 4346
    MSFC, AL 35812

Once both are received, your name will be placed on the waiting list. I will call you when a position becomes available.

The following is a priority listing of eligibility into the MCDC:


Priority 1:        Siblings of currently enrolled children

Priority 2:        Redstone family siblings

Priority 3:        NASA Employees at MSFC and MCDC employees

Priority 4:        Dependents of MSFC (NASA) retirees

Priority 5:        Dependents of MSFC contractors (on and off site)

Priority 6:        Grandchildren of MSFC (NASA) employees/retirees

Priority 7:        Redstone family (non NASA/NASA contractor with Redstone Arsenal access)

Thanks and I hope to hear from you.

Eleasa Wilson
MCDC Registrar




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