Budget Definitions


Tuition: The fee charged for care or instruction.

Drop-Ins: The per day tuition rate for children not enrolled full-time. Former pre-school classes students that have graduated to kindergarten, but not entered first grade may reenrolled for school holidays and summer vacations.

USDA Income: USDA reimbursements for qualified food purchases.

Miscellaneous Income: Bank interest, money from parent breakfast /lunch, direct cash donation for class room supplies, furniture, rugs, etc.

Salary Related Expenses:

Payroll: The sum total of money or other compensation to be paid to employees at a given time for work or tasks completed.

401K: Employer’s matching 401(k) contribution (~3%)

Bonuses: End of year bonuses, covers some of the expense of staff Holiday party, “above-and-beyond” recognition awards, etc.

Insurance (Medical/Dental): Employer’s portion (80% of individual medical premium) of health and dental insurance premiums

Classroom Expenses:

Field Trips: Covers costs associated with field trip bus transportation, reimbursement for teacher’s admission fees.

Special Events: Parents Day breakfast, Pre-School graduation, the Holiday Program, Fall Festival, etc.

Classroom Supplies: There are generally consumable items: glue, paper, arts and craft, paints, batteries, and so forth. Include here the cost of the craft gifts that the children make mother's day, father's day, Christmas. - not to be confused with the Mother’s day/Father’s day "dollar store”. There is the $40 per month per classroom allowance each class room has to purchase durable goods, for example: outdoor water play toys, books on specific topics for pre-school, new toys, puzzles or other educational materials.

Cleaning Supplies: In classroom cleaning supplies, latex glove, liquid disinfectant, Clorox, laundry detergent, staff hand soap, Kleenex, air freshener, infant/creeper room booties. Not to be confused with the cleaning supplies used by the nighttime custodial staff.

Workshops, Training, Literature (Continuing Education): Continuing education class, (ie CPR), teacher in-service workshops, subscriptions to professional child development journals, including off-site seminars and conferences

Accreditation Expenses:

National Accreditation Commission (NAC): Licensing fee, site-inspection fee (if warranted), required NAC specific manuals and literature

Grocery Expenses:

Food Supplies (USDA, other): Groceries for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack – including MCDC supplied infant formula.

Kitchen Supplies: Disposable plates, bowels, plastic utensils, dish washing detergent, aluminum foil, plastic wraps, condiments (a.k.a. Ketchup!)

Business Related Expenses:

Insurance (WorkComp/Liability): Business related insurances, workman compensation, general liability, 401k fidelity insurance

Bookkeeping/Legal/Bank Fees: This includes the expenses for accounting services, bank service charges, HSV Ad Valorem tax, and direct deposit fees. Although MCDC does retain the service of legal counsel when necessary, MCDC is not obliged to pay an annual retainer fee for this service.

Office Supplies: Pens, pencils, paper (notebook, copier) folders, envelops, printer/fax toner cartages, Quickbook licensing fee.

Miscellaneous (mileage, classified ads, etc): The catch-all for, mileage for MCDC related travel, postage, newspaper advertisements for employment, flowers for staff illness/condolences, staff meeting supplies, Staff “Perfect Attendance Awards”

Furniture Maintenance/Replacement: General furniture repair/replacement (for example; glider rocker and infant swings for infant/creeper rooms; library shelving)