Melissa B Info Sheet
Favorite Color:
Light Blue, Purple, and Yellow
Shirt Size:
Favorite Cologne:
Elizabeth and James Nirvana White
Favorite Place To Eat:
Urban Cookhouse
Favorite Fast Food:
Chick fil a
Favorite Soda:
Dr. Pepper, Coke, or Pepsi
Favorite Junk Food:
Cool Ranch Doritos and Cosmic Brownies
Favorite Candy:
Any (Mounds, Twix, Sour Patch Kids)
Favorite Flower:
Favorite Magazine:
The staff member did NOT answer this question.
Favorite Place To Shop:
Target and Amazon
Do You Have Any Hobbies?:
Do You Collect Anything?:
Blankets and Coffee Mugs
Any Other Gift Ideas?
I love teacher nick-knacks! (coffee-mugs, pencil holders, etc.)
Gift Cards:
Gift Cards ARE Welcome